5K PH Run

5K circle in PH, with ~1K cool down walk.

Weekly Long Run - 3/11/2011

Cool new location in Walnut Creek. Never been on most of the upper sections before, despite living here for near 50 years...

Lulu joined me - little trooper.

Nerd on a Bike

The Route

Five days, 1000+ miles.

And hey...I went to a lot of trouble to make the map all interactive and zoomy, so play with it a bit. Tracks laid down from my Garmin, so you can zoom in real close to see all my secret spots and pee breaks - more of the latter.

Day One - Pleasant Hill CA to Oroville CA

Hot. Damn hot. Ugly ride on the flats, sweat like a pig. No pics - I'd rather forget it. Arrived at Scot's new remote compound, and he whipped up a mean pork chop, so at least things ended on a bright note.


I like the word so I thought I would write it here just to see what it looks like on my Blog.

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