Huh? What’s with the white stuff?

Snow at Da Digs: Freshwater Bay SnowSnow at Da Digs: Freshwater Bay SnowOn our first trip back to FWB after escrow closed, we got a nice reality check. A nice, heavy snow dump - I was driving in 4WD, at about 10MPH from the Hood Canal Bridge all the way to Port Angeles. They tell me this is quite unusual…we’ll see.

Now, don’t get me wrong - I ain’t one of those warm weather California wimps. Part of the attraction of Washington is the concept of seasons and temperature swings, something sorely missing from our East Bay location - basically, we get green for two months, then over a period of about two weeks, it all goes brown. Blah…

Still, I love this place. Even in a freakish snow storm, it’s beautiful. Not something I’d want to go through every year, but I’m glad to have seen it.