Bring in the big guns

Da Tractor: Kubota L3130Da Tractor: Kubota L3130I had this bright idea. It went something like this…

First, buy a tractor. Heck - once you’re a land baron, there really isn’t any argument against the decision. At least none that I was willing to listen to.

Second, clear the land.

Third, build a barn.

Unfortunately, there was a problem with Step Two. You see, as fine a machine as the little Kubotas is, clearing 2+ acres of heavy brush and trees is somewhat of a tall order. Particularly when you are only in town for a couple days. Being a city boy with virtually no tractor experience can be a potential drawback as well.

What does work - very well - is bringing in the local dozer/excavator dude. Jim Pfaff and son Jason, two absolute pros, took care of things in a hurry. When done, they had stacked three massive burn piles, and given us access to almost a third of the property that was previously thick, nasty and virtually inaccessible.

We’ll see how Step Three goes.